Chris Wahle

Chris Wahle, aka Christian Wahlberg, is a Swedish gold and platinum certified producer and topliner with international success and over three million units sold to date. Having a broad musical palette and understanding of sound and melody, he is able to cover many different markets and styles. From J-pop and K-pop in Asia to western radio pop and urban beats. Always with that Swedish touch. While currently based in Hong Kong and Stockholm, Chris is constantly on the move. Working with artists and writers from all over the world.

Selected cuts and releases:

NCT 127 - Once Again
TVXQ / Tohoshinki - Dirt
AOA - Give Me The Love
FTIsland - What U Want
Laboum - Hwi Hwi
Show Luo - Nao Fan Tian
VIXX - Beautiful Killer
F(x) - Paper Heart
MYNAME - K.O. Monster
Kame To Yamapi - Follow Me
Kis-My-Ft2 - All Around The World
Kis-My-Ft2 - Alive
Kis-My-Ft2 - Survivor
Hey! Say! JUMP - UNION
CD9 - Apuesta
Auryn - When We Were Young
Auryn - Incredible
Sweet California - 90's Child
Carlos Marco - Sugar
Ruth Lorenzo - Planeta Azul
Ruth Lorenzo - 99
Xuso Jones - Somos
Xuso Jones - Victorious
Mario Jefferson - Spin My Head
Mario Jefferson - Cadillac
BoA - First Time
FAKY - Are You Okay?
Boys24 - Candy Shop
Romeo (Park Jung Min) - I'm Alive
Michael Mind Project - Antiheroes
Michael Mind Project - Ignite
Finn Martin - 7 songs on the album Change
Drew Vision - Without You
Like Us - You Mean The World To Me
Fairies - Wild Baby
B1A4 - Believe In Love
Tasha G - Something Wrong

Jose Manuel Moles

Jose Manuel Moles, multi-platinum award-winning producer-songwriter born and based in Spain. Working twenty five years ago side by side with Peer Music Spain, he has produced a lot of Spanish and Mexican bands and solo artists, such as well as composed for a lot of artists worldwide, including countries as Mexico, Argentina, USA (Latin market), Chile, Sweden,Taiwan, Japan, China and Spain among others.

Asian Release Highlights:

Pakho Chau – BI SA XIE TA
Matilda Tao – RU GUO ZHI YOU YI YE
Jolin Tsai – NI SHI SHUI
Yumiko Cheng – DA BU LIAO
EXILE – Beautiful Angel

Richard Harris

British-born artist, songwriter and producer Richard Harris aka KiDD R!CH grew up watching his father and grandfather play, compose, and conduct their way around the world, and considers himself lucky to be walking in their footsteps. When he quit the trumpet in favor of the piano as a lad in England, his early passion for writing was apparent and unstoppable. When not emulating his father, other major influences took hold, from The Beatles to ABBA and The Clash. With great respect to the masters of all genres and eyes fixed firmly on the future of the art form, Richard Harris continues to create groundbreaking music in his studio in Los Angeles.

Release Highlights:

Stonebridge feat. Haley Joelle “Meet In The Middle”
Cole Plante “Lie To Me”
Lime Cordiale “Waking Up Easy”
Tyler Shaw “It Happens All The Time”
Greg Holden “Save Yourself”
Michael Woods “Overflowing”
Stonebridge “You Can Have It All”
Stonebridge “Losing Control”
Like Us “Assim Nao Consigo Viver”
Greg Cerrone “Rise Together”
Felix Cartal “Young Love”
Felix Cartal “After Dark”
Alex Kenji “Stars In The Sky”
Connel Cruise “Push You Away”
Shawn Hook “Two Hearts Set On Fire”
Katherine McPhee “Takes A Lot Of Love”
Boh Runga “Evelyn”
Born Crain “Never Too Late”
Sabrina Starke “Another Shade”
Camera Can’t Lie “Hold Me Down”
Elvis Blue “Lighthouse”
Elvis Blue “Lifeline”
Amuyi “No Retreat”
J.C(Ada) “Look At Me”

Hsiao Ting Lu

At present, he is active in the music lyrics and music songwriting. He will release his first solo album this year. He started to learn piano from a young age and then touched guitar. He attended the music department of Danjiang in junior high school and found a band in senior high school. And he won the first prize in Chinese charm award. In the famous television series Passing By a Classmate Together, he was in charge of singing and performing, arrangements and making of the theme song I Don't Want to Say That. He was invited to compose for JJ Lin's concert music for two consecutive years.

Representative work:

Lin Zhiying - Opening Roses in My Eyes
Bi Shujin - Want it
Li Xikan - All right
Li Xikan - Crazy
Jiang Meiqi - Gyroscope
Qi Wei - Rainy Day
Zhu Lijing - Against Tears
Erika - Own me
Liao Yunjie - Love pain

George Kinn Leung

Abilities: Music Production, Mixing

Musical instruments: guitar, piano, harmonica

Working Experiences: Who is a Catholic, Music Producer and Music publisher. Member of Hong Kong Indie Band Lander. Interested in table tennis, thinking. Addicted audio recording software and hardware.Woking at Emperor Entertainment Group now. Since 1992 to work about music productions in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China. Have been involved in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, recording producers, composers, arrangers, TV soundtracks, soundtracks, recordings, etc. Among the singers who have worked in different record companies.

Cooperative Artists:

Hsu Chi、Lo Man Chong、Anna Dai、Hui Chi On、Kelly Chen、Cecilia Cheung、Mavis Fan、Faye Wong、Nicholas Wu、William So、Flora Chan、Eddie Ng、Tai Chi Band、Anthony Wong、Jan Lamb、Alan Tam、Leon Lai、Dry、Kit Chan、Joyce Lee、Priscilla Chan、Jade Kwan、EO2、Elle Choi、Daniel Chan、B2、Sherming Yiu and many more.

Hamshore Tang

Hamshore is now active as a famous Chinese singer and producer. He started learning piano from 11 years old and won the Campus Music Pioneer Award in 2007, which made him decide to keep making music. The first time Hamshore was known by the public was in 2008 when he took part in a famous TV singing contest called ’My Show’ and won the championship of that year. He then started to write, sing and produce songs. In 2015, Hamshore got invited by the famous director Karwai Wong to write the theme song for his new movie “ See You Tomorrow”. And this song ‘Rang Wo Liu Zai Ni Shen Bian’, aka ‘Let Me Stay’, became popular during the time when the movie was released and was nominated as the Best Film Song for several film awards.

Representative work:

1. Rang Wo Liu Zai Ni Shen Bian (Aka. Let Me Stay) ----- Eason Chan
Shortlisted for the 36th Hong Kong Film Awards in 2017 as the Best Film Song Award
Shortlisted for the 54th Taiwan Golden Horse Award in 2017 as the Best Film Song Award
This song was covered by lots of popular stars in China, such as Han Lu, Junkai Wang.
2. Mo Tian Da Lou (Aka. Skyscrapers) ----- Joker Xue
3. Da Yu Jiang Zhi ----- Lala Hsu
4. Wang Le Wo Ba ----- Timmy Xu

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